Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Music and Meditations - Introduction

Welcome to Music and Meditations!

This is a blog about music: playing music, listening to music, thinking about music, and how music affects our lives. I hope you’ll come back and read the posts and share your own thoughts and experiences. Part of my intent is to get a discussion started about anything relating to music.  

A little background about me: I’ve been playing the piano and singing since before I can remember. I’ve played the guitar since I was eleven. I started performing as soon as an opportunity presented itself. I've been teaching piano for 30 years, and guitar and voice for almost as long. Throughout those years I’ve developed a number of ideas and philosophies about music (piano in particular, but not exclusively), and about how we live and grow with music as a part of our lives. Inspired by these ideas, some years ago I started writing a book called Keys to Life: Life’s Lessons Learned at the Piano. But not all of my ideas would fit into the book. That’s part of why I started this blog, as a forum for my other thoughts.
So sometimes the blog will be an excerpt from my book, sometimes it will be a rumination or discovery about music and people, sometimes it will be a link to a youtube clip of something I found fascinating, and sometimes it will be a neat quote I found about music or musicians.

Since I’m a pianist, guitarist, singer, performer and teacher, my ideas and experiences naturally center around those activities, but I hope they will apply to other musicians as well as music lovers in general.

So stay, read, comment. It is good that you came.



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